Sundering of the Dessarin Valley

As the party made their way through the dark tunnel beneath Rivergard Keep, they found themselves in the midst of a large underground cavern leading it’s way to carved temple. As their trek started in the cavern, they came across ghouls, and a group of blue skinned fighting members of the Cult of Crushing Wave. Some of these fighters had the ability to liquefy in form, becoming large serpents; others, mounted on sharks fought hard- but one retreated before the rest were defeated.

The group then began to explore the temple, and in the first room they explored, which was locked heavily from the outside, was a wounded Half-Elf, with a severed foot. His name was Alduin, a self-described Runeseeker and member of The Harpers, and he demonstrated remarkable skill with bow and magically created arrows. After quite the back and forth of earning trust of the other, they all began venturing together. Alduin insisting on continuing with them because he and his companion Cyril , a Human Bronze Half-Dragon, were kidnapped and dragged into the temple. Alduin believed Cyril must have been taken further into the temple by Gar Shatterkeel himself.

Alduin informs the party that Gar is the leader of the Cult of the Crushing Wave, and surely the head of the snake. They agree that he must be defeated.

As everyone makes way through the temple, they come across a lying Hag and her two Ogre bodyguards, only to have her trick them into walking into a trap. She supplies the group with a magic sword, and tells them that the ruby in it’s hilt lights up the closer to treasure it is. She then leads them to a pool of water near what looks to be a small indoor market stall, and points to the water before leaving. As Korak decides to swim into the pool, hoping to find the treasure, he soon comes face to face with a fledgling Dragon Turtle, who promptly attempts to devour the invaders. After a trying battle, the party flees back into the safety of the temple.

The group then makes their way across a bridge, through a locked and warded doorway to find Gar Shatterkeel, and a slew of Lizardfolk henchman. As soon as the group enters, they engage Gar and the lizardfolk, much to the expressed malaise of Gar. Korak engages Gar as the rest of the group begins combating the lizardfolk; however, as soon as melee combat begins, the room they’re in rapidly fills with water, and they have no means to breath. As the group defeats the lizardfolk, and Korak faces the wrath of the lader of Crushing Wave, the party decides to open the doorway sealing the room, and the vacuum of water pulls them all out of the room with the tide. When they rise to, and go back into the room, Gar Shatterkeel and Korak are gone.

In the back of the room, they find a large rune on the wall, shaped like an X with a line connecting the bottom points; Alduin explains it to be the rune of Olhydra, the Primordial Archomental of Water.

Through a small underwater passageway in the back of the room, they discover a closed in freshwater spring, with a hidden alcove. In the Alcove, they find Korak and Cyril, both bound at the wrist and unconscious- All of their gear and equipment- gone. However, they do find a few* sealed containers*, containing an abundance of gold,* spell scrolls*, and nearly 50 old tomes written in Dethek, the dravish script. These are the books they have been looking for, obviously belonging to the Mirabaran Delegation.

The group recoups and expeditiously flees the Temple of the Crushing Wave; however, when they return to the surface of Rivergard Keep, they see what looks to be the entirety of the keep, demolished, as if battered by a hurricane, down to the foundation. At this, the group makes their way back to Red Larch as quickly as possible.



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