Temple of the Crushing Wave

The PCs explored the temple beneath Rivergard Keep expecting to find more information on the Mirabaran dwarves. They found a lot of trouble, and some new allies, instead.

The group discovered the imprisoned Alduin- a Half-Elf Runeseeker, and Cyril- a Half-dragon Paladin. Two members of an adventuring party investigating corruption up and down the Sword Coast.

Throughout the temple, the party found many water cultists, a conniving Hag, a fledgling Dragonturtle, and the leader of the Cult of the Crushing Wave himself, Gar Shatterkeel.

After a believed near defeat of Gar, the party was removed from combat, to find that he had fled the temple. In his absence, they found a hidden stash of treaure, including a plethora of Dwarven tomes, assumed to be that of the Mirabaran Dwarves.

Temple of the Crushing Wave

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