Rivergard Keep

Rivergard keep sits roughtly 40 miles north of Womford, up the coast of the Dessarin River.

The party first went to Rivergard Keep when they discovered, in Womford, that a keelboat which was seen transporting a Dwarf and bodyguard in Mirabaran colors, frequents Rivergard keep.

The keep was run by a ferocious Wereboar named Jollivar, who had many water cultists at his command, and slaves from Womford working as servants.

The PCs defeated Jollivar and his soldiers after he attacked them, fearing they knew too much of their operation; however, in the fight two of the party members were infected and started violently shifting into wereboars. After scouring the keep, they found a remedy for their disease, as well as a tunnel that led to The Temple of the Crushing Wave.

As they next re-emerged, the PCs found Rivergard Keep destroyed, in a matter of hours it would seem, from what looks to the the carnage caused by a massive hurricane force.

Rivergard Keep

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