Sundering of the Dessarin Valley

Womford, why so blue?

Rainy days ahead- and ambushes, those too.

As the group continued down the Cairn Road towards Womford, their eyes in the sky, Deek, spotted a small camp hidden behind an outcropping of rocks not too far off the beaten path. Convinced the inhabitants had ill intent, they were approached by the group using a classic pincer move, with weapons drawn. When neither party backed down, combat ensued.

The members of the camp were clad in nautical motif, with skin shades of blues and greens. Some even adorned with barnacles on their flesh. They carried jagged swords that would cut through any exposed skin, and copper shields beaten to resemble horseshoe crab shells. Once the would-be-ambushers were defeated, the players accidentally utilized a strange glass water orb carried by the magic user of the group. The Water orb was made of glass, and contained a strange sea creature, that looked as if it had long been dead and stewing in its own decay. The use of this orb caused a sudden and torrential downpour of rain with in the immediate area, with no warning.

The party did not let this sudden change in weather stop their trip to Womford. When they arrived, they quickly made way to the docks to question the crews of the three keelboats currently present.

  • The first keelboat offered a smug Halfing who knew nothing of the books he was questioned about.
  • The second keelboat quietly mentioned that they knew nothing of books, but they had seen the first keelboat transport a dwarf and a soldier, clad in the known clan colors of Red and Black, not more than two ten-day back. The boat was heading up the river when it left dock.
  • The third boat knew nothing.

As the group decided to go back to the first keelboat, they were at wits’ end. They approached angrily and smashed their way into the onboard cabin to find the Halfing and a blue and green skinned, portly Captain. Combat ensued, and the pair seemed quite troublesome. Though when all odds were against them, the* Captain jumped overboard, into the river waters* and disappeared.

The party searched the ship and found:

  • Miscellaneous shipment goods in the cargo bay with an Inventory letter "To J-, From W-, (List of inventoried goods onboard the keelboat).
  • A map of the local area with a marked location on the river coast upstream labeled “Rivergard Keep.”
  • Five Dwarven tomes detailing the Delzoun Clan.
    With these findings, the party decided to travel north, to Rivergard Keep, to provide warning that they may be a potential target.



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