Sundering of the Dessarin Valley

Tomb of Moving Stone

Corruption? In my small town government?

After arriving back in town from Lance Rock, they have heard many rumors of strange activity in the town, primarily around the Wagonworks, and the stone Quarry.

After some investigation, the group found a hidden cavern entrance underneath a caravan in the Wagonworks yard. When they ventured down, they found a series of brick-lined dungeon walls that led them to a group of murdered Red Larch townsmen, with a strange symbol carved into their forehead, and stab wounds in their torso.

In a subsequent room, the group came across a petrified Dwarf, seemingly in a position to be worshipped, and at his feet, many coins and a bloody +1 Magical Silenced Dagger named Rezsur, that seemed to match the size of the wounds on the previously encountered corpses. Along its hilt were nebulous star and crescent moon patterns, and on its pommel, the name Rezsur.

The adventurers eventually found their way to large open room, filled with stone columns and arches as tall as two men, and as wide as tree trunks. An elderly man guarding the door to the room had informed them of the room in cowardice. The large moving stones were said to tell the future, and provide advice that the town’s leaders, a secret group known as the Believers would use to secure footholds and power in Red Larch. They stones were read by a mysterious masked man who would inform the Believers of what they “said.”

As an investigation of the room started, the party was ambushed by a man in a robe and mask made of stone, he quickly tried to dispatch of the intruders, but realizing he was outmatched, he attempted to flee. He was slain as he attempted to leave through a secret door. Strangely enough, on the body of they fallen* Priest* were a set of four Mirabaran Trade Bars- Items provided to diplomats to ensure upheld legitimacy and authority.

After clearing the cavern, and discovering the plot of the Earth Priest Larrakh, the group immediately left, and found their way to Red Larch Constable Harburk Tuthmarillar, to inform him of the mysterious plot being undertaken in his town.



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