Sundering of the Dessarin Valley

To Womford

...unless were plucked into the sky first...

The group then made the decision to follow up on some of the strange occurrences, at the request of* Constable Harburk*. The first thread they chose to follow was to track down why someone was selling books that should have been in the possession of the* Mirabar Delegation*, so they stated their trip to Womford.

Along the road, the group was ambushed by a group of bandits who were hiding in the earth itself, and seemed to exhibit control over it as well. A pair of the bandits were clad in armor made of earthen stone that crumbled as they were slain.

Further along the road, a caravan passed by the group and warned them that they had witnessed a large winged creature ambush, and they fly off with a wagon plucked directly off the route. This was only too coincidental when the party later in the day spotted a glistening white tower to the north, in the mountains, with large flying creatures circling around it.

The group decided to investigate, and found a path leading to what they found to be Feathergale Spire.



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