Sundering of the Dessarin Valley

Strange Occurrences in Red Larch

The Importance of the Mirabaran Delegation

The adventurers inadvertently unearthed the largest conspiracy Red Larch had ever seen, and in doing so, started a revolution in local government and economy. The members of the party had other questions that needed answered, so they went through the town to discover any knowledge of strange occurrences or information related to the Mirabaran Trade Bars. They found out:

  • A local shopkeeper had recently acquired a Dwarven tome detailing the Dwarven Clan of Mirabar. He bought the book from a man who stated he got it in from a keelboat Captain in Womford.
  • A group of Druids came into town in a caravan filled with boxes marked with a strange symbol. They claimed they were attending a large gathering of* Druids at Scarlett Moon Hall* to the North East of Red Larch in the Mountains.

A local farmer mentioned that he had seen a large group of fresh graves, to the East of town*, while he was letting his sheep graze.

  • A caravan guard, and drunk customer at the Tavern, was supposed to be escorting a Mirabaran caravan from Beliard to Waterdeep; however, due to conflicts with some of the others on the Caravan, she abandoned her duty as they were leaving south from Beliard along the Dessarin Road.
  • A priest staying at the Inn mentioned that he had seen the Mirabar Delegation in Beliard, and explained that they were traveling down the Sword Coast on a diplomatic mission to build relations and spread cultural knowledge of the Mirabaran Clan in order* to prevent hostilities* between “rival” cities that control pivotal locations in the Sword Coast.



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