Sundering of the Dessarin Valley

Onward, to Rivergard Keep

- If were not eaten alive first

They decided to travel north by horse, following the Dessarin River until the day’s light proved to be fading. As they traveled uphill to an outcropping that would provide adequate coverage for a nights’ rest. While attempting to navigate up the somewhat treacherous hill, one of the horses took a tragic fall, and fell victim to a wound leaving it unable to use the leg. As players were attempting to soothe the horse, two large Ankhegs burst out from the ground, and began their assault on the players. They were quickly defeated, but through their sprays of acidic secretion- they laid to rest the injured horse.

The group continued to the camp site, only to have their rest interrupted by two large birds of prey. Two Perytons ambushed the camp after being drawn by the decaying horse near the camp. They set their sights on individual party members making continuous diving assaults on only those targets. One of the Perytons was slain, and the other managed to pick up and carry off Joelle to its lair, but they were followed by Deek, who dispatched of the bird with help from his companion Mr. Hiss.

Before they left the lair to head back to the camp, Joelle found a Periapt of Health.

Once the group was back together, they made way further north to Rivergard Keep, just to realize that they were on the wrong side of a half-mile wide river. Deek flew across and asked guards at the keep for medical assistance and a boat. They agreed to secure passage for the group, and take them to the* leader of the Keep*, Jollivar, to allow them stay and assistance.



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