Sundering of the Dessarin Valley

Hunt of the Manticore!

So, um, hey... Do you want to join our club?

The group decided to investigate, and found a path leading to what they found to be Feathergale Spire.

At this point, the group was addressed by a women through a window at the entrance of Feathergale Spire, and after explaining their curiosities as to the large flyers, they were allowed entrance. After being escorted to the top of the Spire, the group met a man named* Thurl Merosska*, leader of the* Feathergale Knights*. The Knights are a society of skilled and/or wealthy nobility from Waterdeep that are attempting to develop skills as airborne hunters, mounted combatants, and to prevent underworld and socio-political crime and manipulation in Waterdeep. Thurl explains the purpose of the “Boy’s Club” of knights just in time to hear of a Manticore sighting in the nearby Sighing Valley to the East. The adventurers are asked to join the knights on the hunt, and agree to go along.

The Manticore was dispatched in a quick battle with the talented aerial knights, and the hunting party returned to the Spire to feast in celebration. Among the conversation, they party had informed Thurl of the Strange Earthen Priest, and similar Soldiers they encountered on the Cairn Road. Thurl explained that he too had been informed of strange manipulations of earth and similar combatants to the East at the Sacred Stone Monastary, and informed the party that if they were to investigate, they would have the backing and support of the Feathergale Knights. The Knights’ concern here is that the organization is attempting to manipulate their way into local communities in the Dessarin Valley in order to manipulate their leadership and take control. The night ends in after the conversation and the party rests at the Spire.

When the party wakes, they find a note from the initiate Savra, who greeted them at the entrance of the Spire when they first arrived, requesting a conversation. When the group meets with Savra, she explains that she was impressed to witness their combat with Thurl against the Manticore, and appreciates their desire to stand against those like the Earthen Priest Larrakh who wish to manipulate for their own good. Savra tells the party:

  • The Feathergale Knights are trying to master the power of Air and the sky in order to represent its freedom and provide freedom to the Sword Coast. The Knights fight for those that are suppressed, those who do not have the freedom they deserve.
  • She wishes to speak to Thurl, on behalf of the party, in order to convince him to allow the group* induction into the Feathergale Knights*.

The group discusses the proposition, but opinions are mixed, so they depart Feathergale Spire to continue their trip to Womford.



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