Sundering of the Dessarin Valley

Gore you? I barely know you.

Jolli, and the Curse of the Raging Wereboar.

As they party was escorted through Rivergard Keep, to meet with the leader of the small militia, Jolli. They were relieved to be in a place that could offer them a roof over their heads for the first time in a fortnight; however, their welcome wasnt all too warm. Jollivar regarded the adventurers with suspicion and agitation, questioning their information, and motives, before he himself sparked argument.

Jollivar was a stout, barrel-chested man, with hair like bristled quills. As his attitude worsened, his skin started to pull, and hair thicken. The man shifted into a lycanthropic boar, and gored his way through the group, infected two of the members. Soon the group dispatched the Wereboar, Jollivar, and Korack took his +1 Maul with him as a prize.

The party made their way through the rest of the keep, looking for a means to exit, only to fight more and more guards on their way out. It became clear that these inhabitants were similar to the ambushers, and the Captain that they encountered in previous days.

After clearing the Keep, they found a magical paste, that seemed to relieve the afflicted of their curse, and after much deliberation, both decided to utilize it.

As the group made way to the docks to leave, they noticed their keel boat was missing, and had no boat to leave on, so instead, they made way to the basement of the keep, to a caved river that led into the darkness…



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