Sundering of the Dessarin Valley

Coalition of Factions
Cultists, and Dragons, and Giants- Oh my!

The party recovers in Red Larch, at the Inn they have come to appreciate, and sleep a well deserved night's rest.

In the morning, they eat breakfast(and mead), with Alduin and Cyril, and discover quite a bit of information. They learn that there have been a large appearance of Elemental Cults in the Dessarin Valley. They have encountered the Cult of Black Earth in Red Larch, the Cult of Howling Hatred at Feathergale Spire, the Cult of the Crushing Wave at Rivergard Keep, and a previously unknown Cult of Eternal Flame, of which the party has not encountered, to their knowledge.

They are then told, that the Cult of Black Earth, which terrorized Red Larch not too long ago, is said to have last been seen in the southern chasms of the Sumber Hills and may be a threat to the monks of the Sacred Stone Monastery to the east, between Feathergale Spire and Rivergard Keep.

Alduin and Cyril Introduce themselves as members of the Harpers and Order of the Gauntlet, respectively. They are just two of five members of a party comprised of representatives from all five of the factions along the Sword Coast: Harpers, Order of the Gauntlet, Lords' Alliance, Zhentarim, and the Emerald Enclave.

Alduin and Cyril's group is currently in Westbridge, on their way to Waterdeep, to investigate word of threats terrorizing settlements in Triboar, the Goldenfields, and Bryn Shantor. They then offer the party a chance to help them, in Westbridge, if they would like to stem the chaos happening not more than a few days travel to the north, along the Long Road.

At this time, the group finds themselves at a crossroad of options.

Enter Gar Shatterkeel
Woe is the tide of Olhydra

As the party made their way through the dark tunnel beneath Rivergard Keep, they found themselves in the midst of a large underground cavern leading it’s way to carved temple. As their trek started in the cavern, they came across ghouls, and a group of blue skinned fighting members of the Cult of Crushing Wave. Some of these fighters had the ability to liquefy in form, becoming large serpents; others, mounted on sharks fought hard- but one retreated before the rest were defeated.

The group then began to explore the temple, and in the first room they explored, which was locked heavily from the outside, was a wounded Half-Elf, with a severed foot. His name was Alduin, a self-described Runeseeker and member of The Harpers, and he demonstrated remarkable skill with bow and magically created arrows. After quite the back and forth of earning trust of the other, they all began venturing together. Alduin insisting on continuing with them because he and his companion Cyril , a Human Bronze Half-Dragon, were kidnapped and dragged into the temple. Alduin believed Cyril must have been taken further into the temple by Gar Shatterkeel himself.

Alduin informs the party that Gar is the leader of the Cult of the Crushing Wave, and surely the head of the snake. They agree that he must be defeated.

As everyone makes way through the temple, they come across a lying Hag and her two Ogre bodyguards, only to have her trick them into walking into a trap. She supplies the group with a magic sword, and tells them that the ruby in it’s hilt lights up the closer to treasure it is. She then leads them to a pool of water near what looks to be a small indoor market stall, and points to the water before leaving. As Korak decides to swim into the pool, hoping to find the treasure, he soon comes face to face with a fledgling Dragon Turtle, who promptly attempts to devour the invaders. After a trying battle, the party flees back into the safety of the temple.

The group then makes their way across a bridge, through a locked and warded doorway to find Gar Shatterkeel, and a slew of Lizardfolk henchman. As soon as the group enters, they engage Gar and the lizardfolk, much to the expressed malaise of Gar. Korak engages Gar as the rest of the group begins combating the lizardfolk; however, as soon as melee combat begins, the room they’re in rapidly fills with water, and they have no means to breath. As the group defeats the lizardfolk, and Korak faces the wrath of the lader of Crushing Wave, the party decides to open the doorway sealing the room, and the vacuum of water pulls them all out of the room with the tide. When they rise to, and go back into the room, Gar Shatterkeel and Korak are gone.

In the back of the room, they find a large rune on the wall, shaped like an X with a line connecting the bottom points; Alduin explains it to be the rune of Olhydra, the Primordial Archomental of Water.

Through a small underwater passageway in the back of the room, they discover a closed in freshwater spring, with a hidden alcove. In the Alcove, they find Korak and Cyril, both bound at the wrist and unconscious- All of their gear and equipment- gone. However, they do find a few* sealed containers*, containing an abundance of gold,* spell scrolls*, and nearly 50 old tomes written in Dethek, the dravish script. These are the books they have been looking for, obviously belonging to the Mirabaran Delegation.

The group recoups and expeditiously flees the Temple of the Crushing Wave; however, when they return to the surface of Rivergard Keep, they see what looks to be the entirety of the keep, demolished, as if battered by a hurricane, down to the foundation. At this, the group makes their way back to Red Larch as quickly as possible.

Gore you? I barely know you.
Jolli, and the Curse of the Raging Wereboar.

As they party was escorted through Rivergard Keep, to meet with the leader of the small militia, Jolli. They were relieved to be in a place that could offer them a roof over their heads for the first time in a fortnight; however, their welcome wasnt all too warm. Jollivar regarded the adventurers with suspicion and agitation, questioning their information, and motives, before he himself sparked argument.

Jollivar was a stout, barrel-chested man, with hair like bristled quills. As his attitude worsened, his skin started to pull, and hair thicken. The man shifted into a lycanthropic boar, and gored his way through the group, infected two of the members. Soon the group dispatched the Wereboar, Jollivar, and Korack took his +1 Maul with him as a prize.

The party made their way through the rest of the keep, looking for a means to exit, only to fight more and more guards on their way out. It became clear that these inhabitants were similar to the ambushers, and the Captain that they encountered in previous days.

After clearing the Keep, they found a magical paste, that seemed to relieve the afflicted of their curse, and after much deliberation, both decided to utilize it.

As the group made way to the docks to leave, they noticed their keel boat was missing, and had no boat to leave on, so instead, they made way to the basement of the keep, to a caved river that led into the darkness…

Onward, to Rivergard Keep
- If were not eaten alive first

They decided to travel north by horse, following the Dessarin River until the day’s light proved to be fading. As they traveled uphill to an outcropping that would provide adequate coverage for a nights’ rest. While attempting to navigate up the somewhat treacherous hill, one of the horses took a tragic fall, and fell victim to a wound leaving it unable to use the leg. As players were attempting to soothe the horse, two large Ankhegs burst out from the ground, and began their assault on the players. They were quickly defeated, but through their sprays of acidic secretion- they laid to rest the injured horse.

The group continued to the camp site, only to have their rest interrupted by two large birds of prey. Two Perytons ambushed the camp after being drawn by the decaying horse near the camp. They set their sights on individual party members making continuous diving assaults on only those targets. One of the Perytons was slain, and the other managed to pick up and carry off Joelle to its lair, but they were followed by Deek, who dispatched of the bird with help from his companion Mr. Hiss.

Before they left the lair to head back to the camp, Joelle found a Periapt of Health.

Once the group was back together, they made way further north to Rivergard Keep, just to realize that they were on the wrong side of a half-mile wide river. Deek flew across and asked guards at the keep for medical assistance and a boat. They agreed to secure passage for the group, and take them to the* leader of the Keep*, Jollivar, to allow them stay and assistance.

Womford, why so blue?
Rainy days ahead- and ambushes, those too.

As the group continued down the Cairn Road towards Womford, their eyes in the sky, Deek, spotted a small camp hidden behind an outcropping of rocks not too far off the beaten path. Convinced the inhabitants had ill intent, they were approached by the group using a classic pincer move, with weapons drawn. When neither party backed down, combat ensued.

The members of the camp were clad in nautical motif, with skin shades of blues and greens. Some even adorned with barnacles on their flesh. They carried jagged swords that would cut through any exposed skin, and copper shields beaten to resemble horseshoe crab shells. Once the would-be-ambushers were defeated, the players accidentally utilized a strange glass water orb carried by the magic user of the group. The Water orb was made of glass, and contained a strange sea creature, that looked as if it had long been dead and stewing in its own decay. The use of this orb caused a sudden and torrential downpour of rain with in the immediate area, with no warning.

The party did not let this sudden change in weather stop their trip to Womford. When they arrived, they quickly made way to the docks to question the crews of the three keelboats currently present.

  • The first keelboat offered a smug Halfing who knew nothing of the books he was questioned about.
  • The second keelboat quietly mentioned that they knew nothing of books, but they had seen the first keelboat transport a dwarf and a soldier, clad in the known clan colors of Red and Black, not more than two ten-day back. The boat was heading up the river when it left dock.
  • The third boat knew nothing.

As the group decided to go back to the first keelboat, they were at wits’ end. They approached angrily and smashed their way into the onboard cabin to find the Halfing and a blue and green skinned, portly Captain. Combat ensued, and the pair seemed quite troublesome. Though when all odds were against them, the* Captain jumped overboard, into the river waters* and disappeared.

The party searched the ship and found:

  • Miscellaneous shipment goods in the cargo bay with an Inventory letter "To J-, From W-, (List of inventoried goods onboard the keelboat).
  • A map of the local area with a marked location on the river coast upstream labeled “Rivergard Keep.”
  • Five Dwarven tomes detailing the Delzoun Clan.
    With these findings, the party decided to travel north, to Rivergard Keep, to provide warning that they may be a potential target.
Hunt of the Manticore!
So, um, hey... Do you want to join our club?

The group decided to investigate, and found a path leading to what they found to be Feathergale Spire.

At this point, the group was addressed by a women through a window at the entrance of Feathergale Spire, and after explaining their curiosities as to the large flyers, they were allowed entrance. After being escorted to the top of the Spire, the group met a man named* Thurl Merosska*, leader of the* Feathergale Knights*. The Knights are a society of skilled and/or wealthy nobility from Waterdeep that are attempting to develop skills as airborne hunters, mounted combatants, and to prevent underworld and socio-political crime and manipulation in Waterdeep. Thurl explains the purpose of the “Boy’s Club” of knights just in time to hear of a Manticore sighting in the nearby Sighing Valley to the East. The adventurers are asked to join the knights on the hunt, and agree to go along.

The Manticore was dispatched in a quick battle with the talented aerial knights, and the hunting party returned to the Spire to feast in celebration. Among the conversation, they party had informed Thurl of the Strange Earthen Priest, and similar Soldiers they encountered on the Cairn Road. Thurl explained that he too had been informed of strange manipulations of earth and similar combatants to the East at the Sacred Stone Monastary, and informed the party that if they were to investigate, they would have the backing and support of the Feathergale Knights. The Knights’ concern here is that the organization is attempting to manipulate their way into local communities in the Dessarin Valley in order to manipulate their leadership and take control. The night ends in after the conversation and the party rests at the Spire.

When the party wakes, they find a note from the initiate Savra, who greeted them at the entrance of the Spire when they first arrived, requesting a conversation. When the group meets with Savra, she explains that she was impressed to witness their combat with Thurl against the Manticore, and appreciates their desire to stand against those like the Earthen Priest Larrakh who wish to manipulate for their own good. Savra tells the party:

  • The Feathergale Knights are trying to master the power of Air and the sky in order to represent its freedom and provide freedom to the Sword Coast. The Knights fight for those that are suppressed, those who do not have the freedom they deserve.
  • She wishes to speak to Thurl, on behalf of the party, in order to convince him to allow the group* induction into the Feathergale Knights*.

The group discusses the proposition, but opinions are mixed, so they depart Feathergale Spire to continue their trip to Womford.

To Womford
...unless were plucked into the sky first...

The group then made the decision to follow up on some of the strange occurrences, at the request of* Constable Harburk*. The first thread they chose to follow was to track down why someone was selling books that should have been in the possession of the* Mirabar Delegation*, so they stated their trip to Womford.

Along the road, the group was ambushed by a group of bandits who were hiding in the earth itself, and seemed to exhibit control over it as well. A pair of the bandits were clad in armor made of earthen stone that crumbled as they were slain.

Further along the road, a caravan passed by the group and warned them that they had witnessed a large winged creature ambush, and they fly off with a wagon plucked directly off the route. This was only too coincidental when the party later in the day spotted a glistening white tower to the north, in the mountains, with large flying creatures circling around it.

The group decided to investigate, and found a path leading to what they found to be Feathergale Spire.

Strange Occurrences in Red Larch
The Importance of the Mirabaran Delegation

The adventurers inadvertently unearthed the largest conspiracy Red Larch had ever seen, and in doing so, started a revolution in local government and economy. The members of the party had other questions that needed answered, so they went through the town to discover any knowledge of strange occurrences or information related to the Mirabaran Trade Bars. They found out:

  • A local shopkeeper had recently acquired a Dwarven tome detailing the Dwarven Clan of Mirabar. He bought the book from a man who stated he got it in from a keelboat Captain in Womford.
  • A group of Druids came into town in a caravan filled with boxes marked with a strange symbol. They claimed they were attending a large gathering of* Druids at Scarlett Moon Hall* to the North East of Red Larch in the Mountains.

A local farmer mentioned that he had seen a large group of fresh graves, to the East of town*, while he was letting his sheep graze.

  • A caravan guard, and drunk customer at the Tavern, was supposed to be escorting a Mirabaran caravan from Beliard to Waterdeep; however, due to conflicts with some of the others on the Caravan, she abandoned her duty as they were leaving south from Beliard along the Dessarin Road.
  • A priest staying at the Inn mentioned that he had seen the Mirabar Delegation in Beliard, and explained that they were traveling down the Sword Coast on a diplomatic mission to build relations and spread cultural knowledge of the Mirabaran Clan in order* to prevent hostilities* between “rival” cities that control pivotal locations in the Sword Coast.
Tomb of Moving Stone
Corruption? In my small town government?

After arriving back in town from Lance Rock, they have heard many rumors of strange activity in the town, primarily around the Wagonworks, and the stone Quarry.

After some investigation, the group found a hidden cavern entrance underneath a caravan in the Wagonworks yard. When they ventured down, they found a series of brick-lined dungeon walls that led them to a group of murdered Red Larch townsmen, with a strange symbol carved into their forehead, and stab wounds in their torso.

In a subsequent room, the group came across a petrified Dwarf, seemingly in a position to be worshipped, and at his feet, many coins and a bloody +1 Magical Silenced Dagger named Rezsur, that seemed to match the size of the wounds on the previously encountered corpses. Along its hilt were nebulous star and crescent moon patterns, and on its pommel, the name Rezsur.

The adventurers eventually found their way to large open room, filled with stone columns and arches as tall as two men, and as wide as tree trunks. An elderly man guarding the door to the room had informed them of the room in cowardice. The large moving stones were said to tell the future, and provide advice that the town’s leaders, a secret group known as the Believers would use to secure footholds and power in Red Larch. They stones were read by a mysterious masked man who would inform the Believers of what they “said.”

As an investigation of the room started, the party was ambushed by a man in a robe and mask made of stone, he quickly tried to dispatch of the intruders, but realizing he was outmatched, he attempted to flee. He was slain as he attempted to leave through a secret door. Strangely enough, on the body of they fallen* Priest* were a set of four Mirabaran Trade Bars- Items provided to diplomats to ensure upheld legitimacy and authority.

After clearing the cavern, and discovering the plot of the Earth Priest Larrakh, the group immediately left, and found their way to Red Larch Constable Harburk Tuthmarillar, to inform him of the mysterious plot being undertaken in his town.

The Necromancer's Eye
Journey to Lance Rock

They had found that the subterranean cavern near Lance Rock led to the dwellings of the Wizard-gone-mad Necromancer, Oreioth, with an arsenal of undead on hand- oh, and an undead circus…

The Necromancer was found cowering in a room exclaiming “Can’t you see it? It’s the Eye! It sees your every move! Don’t you fear it?” as he pointed to a pedestal of flesh holding a black and purple Driftglobe glowing with the image seen here.

Among the room, the party discovered a magical Hand Crossbow of Ice Knife.


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